María Casais -Caleis- reside en La Coruña, España, donde se licenció en Derecho, aunque hoy en día está totalmente volcada en el mundo de la ilustración. Su obra ha sido exhibida en galerías de Méjico, La Coruña y Barcelona y publicada en algunos de los mejores portales online de tendencias y diseño, además de en blogs y revistas de moda e ilustración. Enfocada en el universo femenino con toda la profundidad que ello implica, su obra es manual, realizada con lápices, acuarelas y recortes de papel está fuertemente influenciada por ilustración de moda y la fotografía.

Caleis brings us a smoky and intense style that has more than a little skill and design. Her work is both enticing and well executed which is both a feat of natural talent and real hard graft for the self taught illustrator. She has a great eye for detail and she uses this to let us into the world of sensual female beauty, which she recognises as emotional and soulful, and she really goes for it with her delicate figures hung with a tension and challenge to the viewer. She lets us into this world but preserves us at a distance. With a gentle palette of warm yet desaturated tones she has a real skill with colour that gives both a depth and clarity that is hard to achieve simultaneously.
“Fashion and artwork go hand in hand and clearly, Caleis has a keen eye for both. I love her use of colors and the facial expressions featured in the works, giving each piece a bit of attitude without overdoing it. The females themselves are stunning, beautiful and have an incredibly classy European look.
These Maria Casais Leis portraits are a perfect blend of art and fashion, making them a must-see for fans of both worlds.”( Trend Hunter magazine)

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Ilustradora María Casais Caleis clasificada en los estilos / Ilustrator María Casais Caleis clasificated in styles:
Artistico / Art, Belleza / Beauty, collage, Diseño Grafico / Graphic Design, Editorial, Moda / Fashion, Publicitario / Advertising